Accountability Starts by Taking Action

What’s up? I’m Don Tran, former Marine Raider and co-founder of Deep End Fitness. I served 12 years in active duty in the Marine Corps as a Marine Raider, and then I did a year in the Reserves as well. Coming from the military, preparedness was everything. I never want to be in a situation where I don’t have the power or ability to help someone. It’s what drives me to become stronger, smarter and better every day.

Q: Everyone has a motto that fuels them forward. What’s yours?

A: Be humble, be hard, and always push the fight.

Q: What would you consider your approach to health & fitness?

A: I've just switched the words “mission” from the military to “goals” now. So I still kind of approach it the same way. I need to be prepared, I need to understand the battlefield or understand the situation before I make a decision. There's not no set one way to accomplish a goal ever. So for me, it’s about finding what works best for what I’m trying to achieve.

Q: What’s one thing you wish someone told you when you decided to get serious about your health & fitness?

A: You have to get your mind right before you pursue other goals. Because that's the number one driver for everything that you do in life. Whether that be at going to the gym and getting extremely jacked, or maybe it’s because you wanna look better, feel more confident or be healthier. You need to understand where your goals are coming from and what drives you first.

Q: What do you expect from yourself?

A: I don’t know if you guys ever had this dream, but it’s where your legs are cemented down and there's a situation going on and you can't move. It’s the biggest fear of my life and I've been in that situation. And I don't ever wanna be in that situation again. So that's why I work out. In any situation, I want to be prepared to help other people, especially the people that I love.

Q: What do you expect from your supplements?

A: Coming from the military, preparedness is everything. We can't go into the next mission if we're not properly recovered. So Dymatize gives me the tools to be properly recovered, whether that be directly after a workout or when I need extra protein to fuel my muscles the rest of the day.

Q: What does it mean for you to be on the Dymatize Squad?

A: It's a huge honor. Huge. I'm a hybrid athlete, so I'm not just a runner, I'm not just lifting weights, I'm not just in the pool. But I believe that a hybrid athlete or a hybrid environment of athleticism, culture and people bring great opportunities for everyone to learn and grow together. So it's a huge honor for me to be able to support a product I believe in, a brand I believe in, and meet some amazing people on the Squad as well.

I am in the pursuit of becoming better than I was yesterday.

Don Tran

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