Nikki Stanton

Professional Soccer Player
Seattle, Washington

“A lot of a little bit goes a long way.”


Q: What are some of your greatest accomplishments (thus far)?

A: 2022 NWSL Shield winners, 2x National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) finalist, 2x Womens A League finalist (Australia).

Q: What’s your go-to Dymatize product?

A: The ISO100 in Dunkin’ Cappuccino flavor is delicious! After my soccer training, I love a good coffee. I mix this product with a little bit of cold brew and some water in my protein shaker and boom - a delicious protein rich coffee!

Q: Everyone has a motto that fuels them forward. What’s yours?

A: “Thoughts are things”. I got this quote from my grandmother who is my hero. I had a moment in my soccer career where I was asking everyone I knew if I was good enough to succeed. It wasn’t until I believed it on a cellular level that I began to perform more to my ability. Believing you can do something is the first step! If you continue to manifest and put things into the universe, good things will happen.

Q: What’s your approach to health and fitness?

A: As a soccer player, health and fitness is a huge part of my everyday life. Therefore it is important for me to have a good balance between being active for my career, and being active for my mental and physical health outside of soccer. On my off days I try to stay active and go on hikes, play some tennis, or even go for a nice walk. With that being said, recovery is also key. Pushing your body is great, as long as you give it enough to recover and get stronger. I want to keep fitness fun and avoid burnout.

Q: Is one more important than the other to you? Why?

A: In my opinion recovery is slightly more important. Without recovery your body will not be able to perform, or even enjoy the physical activity. You will not see results by pushing your body to its limits, and not allowing it to recover.

Q: If you could do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Trail running! I LOVE being outside in the fresh air. I also love seeing different landscapes. Trail running is a perfect balance between stamina and strength. I feel the most myself being outside in the wilderness.

Q: What was the defining moment that changed the way you look at health & fitness?

A: When I was 18 years old I tore my ACL in a soccer game. Going through that process was extremely hard mentally and physically. It was at this time I learned how many aspects of your life go into recovery and the health of your body. I wanted to come back stronger than before in a quick amount of time. Everything I put into my body was important, as well as doing my exercises and recovery. I felt closer to my body more than ever before. Although it was one of the toughest times of my career, it is one I am most thankful for. It also made me realize how much I love the beautiful game of soccer and that I need to take care of my body so I can play as long as I can.

Q: You were a beginner once. Who/what did you rely on for information? For inspiration?

A: I was not given much health and nutritional information growing up. It wasn’t much of a focus. This is why I think I am so interested in it now, because if I had known more about nutrition, recovery and sleep growing up, it could have really helped my performance. My inspiration was the United States Women’s National team players: Mia Hamm, Tiffany Millbrett, Lauren Cheney. They were absolute beasts.

Q: What does it mean for you to be on the Dymatize Squad?

A: I feel so lucky to be a part of the Dymatize squad! I can tell I am part of something super special. Not only are the products incredible, but I feel very valued. This company is ready to go above and beyond and has such a strong drive to help people and athletes get excited about training and recovery! I enjoy being part of a team that has good intentions, as well as quality products.

Q: We’ve all had those moments where we wanted to cancel our alarm clock, rebel against our meal plan, put it in reverse after parking at the gym. Can you tell us about the moment that comes to mind? How did you push through?

A: During my ACL recovery my freshman year of college, I was around the team and soccer everyday, yet couldn’t play. It would be weeks of the same mundane exercises, and I constantly felt like I was far from being able to play the game I loved so much. During my spring season we had 6am workouts. I was TIRED. I had to look within myself for strength and constantly reminded myself that I was getting closer every single day to stepping back on that field, and every little win counts. I had to change my mindset to focus on every little win, because the big wins seemed so far away. My trainer told me, “A lot of a little bit goes a long way.” This kept me going.

Q: What does fortitude mean to you?

A: Pain and struggle bring out our inner strength. It pushes us to places we didn’t know about ourselves. In my opinion, adversity is what makes us grow as people and athletes. When you face a challenge, it makes the outcome mean so much more. The journey is the most important thing, and if you can look back on that journey knowing that you put everything you had, regardless of what came your way, it will be that much more worth it.

“I’m in pursuit of a life full of adventure, loving relationships, and constant discovery.”

Nikki Stanton

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