Mariah Nonette

Personal Trainer
Beaumont, Texas

“Learn your body and love your body.”


Q: What are some of your greatest accomplishments (thus far)?

A: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Fitness Management with a minor in Kinesiology teaching. I also have a Precor Fitness certification, Barre above certification, Yoga certification, and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through The American College of Sports Medicine.

Q: What’s your approach to health and fitness?

A: Learn your body and love your body. Grow to be the best version of yourself and never compare yourself to others.

Q: If you could do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: I would do yoga for the rest of my life. It works your entire body, takes no weights, is very challenging, can be done at any level, and is great for muscles and stretching!

Q: What was the defining moment that changed the way you look at health & fitness?

A: The defining moment for me to decide to take my health more seriously (even though I had been an athlete my whole life) was when I was in college. I was walking up the stairs in one of the Exercise Science buildings and it wasn’t even a lot of stairs and I was getting out of breath. The next day I was teaching Zumba at an event and again was getting out of breath. After these back to back moments I realized how out of shape I was and decided to lose weight and I lost 80 pounds! I realized that although I was active and even learning about health and fitness, I wasn’t totally practicing what I was preaching with nutrition, but once I did that I started understanding the real meaning of health and fitness.

Q: You were a beginner once. Who/what did you rely on for information? For inspiration?

A: When I first started my health and fitness journey I was working at a gym in sales and met a ton of great lifelong friends. One was a female bodybuilder who gave me my first meal plan, a ton of workout advice, and helped me learn about the importance of supplements. I also looked up a ton of workouts and healthy meals online!

Q: Your legs are feeling like jelly, your mind is swirling with doubts, but in your heart, you know you have one more set in you. What song are you playing to get you through it?

A: “Let’s groove” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I don’t know what it is about that song but it’s so fun and hype! I grew up with a lot of EW&F because of my dad and it pumps me up every time!

Q: What’s one thing you wish someone told you when you decided to get serious about your health & fitness?

A: It’s what I tell people now, to take it one day at a time- this is a lifelong journey not a short term one. Also, I wish I had been told to not get obsessed with eating so strictly because it’s not realistic to do forever. Our bodies, hormones, and life circumstances change so what works for you and how your body responds now might not work later.

Q: What do you expect from yourself?

A: I expect to be consistent with everything I do in life and treat others the way I want to be treated. I expect to never be lazy, but to give myself self care when needed. I expect the best of myself because I know I’m capable of it, but I also expect to love myself and give myself grace even when things don’t always go according to plan.

“I’m in pursuit of fulfilling my dreams as a gym owner, personal trainer and instructor while helping others reach their fitness and nutrition goals.”

Mariah Nonette

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