Emily Boyd

Professional Women's Soccer Player & Foodie

“Strive to be the best YOU you can be.”


Q: You’ve already accomplished so much in your career. Can you share some of your personal bests?

A: First ever Goalkeeper of the Year at UC Berkeley (2017), UCB record holder (most saves, most single season shutouts, most shutouts), Drafted Second Round / #17 overall pick in 2018 NWSL Draft, 2x NWSL Finalist 2x, 2x NWSL Semifinalist

Q: You were a beginner once. Who/what did you rely on for information? For inspiration?

A: I relied on my parents for information and inspiration, and my older sister. She’s four years older and played soccer in college so I followed her path and listened to her advice.

Q: Describe your approach to health & fitness in one sentence.

A: Food fuels your body, fitness fuels your body and mind.

Q: If you could do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Group fitness classes. I cannot pick just one class haha I love them all!!

Q: What’s one thing you wish someone told you when you decided to get serious about your health & fitness?

A: Your journey is your own, and to be patient with the process. Nothing worth doing happens overnight, so give yourself grace throughout the journey. Also - that no fad diet will ever last, the only thing that works is whole foods. So focus on whole foods and moving every day - and love the process!

Q: What does fortitude mean to you?

A: To me, it’s to know something is going to be painful or difficult and understand it's going to be okay, and then push through with determination and strength.

Q: What do you expect from yourself?

A: I expect to be a light in people's life, whether you are my best friend or a stranger, to treat you with respect and love. I also want to continue to push myself in things I am passionate about, to support my family, and create a quality of life for my future children. Lastly, to love and support my community, to give more, take less, and continue to love the simple pleasures in life.

Q: What does it mean for you to be on the Dymatize Squad?

A: It is so exciting to work with a brand who has the same life values as me. As I get older I realize how important it is to align with things you believe in, so I couldn’t be more honored to join the Squad!

“I’m in pursuit of living the happiest and healthiest life with my loved ones and community.”

Emily Boyd

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